Consulting Work

(publicly shareable projects)


Client: Ethiqly
Date: 2022
Role: Business Design Lead (IDEO)

Ethiqly is a pioneering edtech company developing an AI-powered writing hub for students and teachers, to explore how AI could support more students and teachers to thrive.

As the business designer on the first phase of our collaboration, I worked with the team to conduct research interviews, find opportunities, crafted and tested value propositions and create an initial pitch deck.

Gemini Laboratory

Client: TOPPAN
Date: 2021
Role: Project Lead, Business Designer (IDEO)

GEMINI Laboratory is a co-creation project by TOPPAN for collaborating with a wide range of players to develop services related to the construction of a “mirror world” that faithfully recreates the real world in virtual spaces.

As the project lead and business designer, I helped conduct stakeholder/expert/user interviews, find opportunity areas and craft a strategic narrative for TOPPAN's pursuit of a mirror world.

Future of Space Travel

Client: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Date: 2021
Role: Project Lead (IDEO)

Future of Space Travel is a speculative project that envisioned a more human-centered future of space travel. Through expert interviews and experiential research, the team identified potential needs of future space travelers and presented the findings through a website and a video.

As the project lead, I helped conduct research interviews, design analogous research and craft a story around our findings and our vision.

Good Cultures

Client: Good Cultures
Date: 2021
Role: Copy Writer (freelance work)

A company’s culture is created by quality stories. Good Cultures  help companies and their employees express their authentic cultures through the design of original company goods.

As the copy writer on this project, I conducted stakeholder interviews to craft the company's vision, mission and value statements in Japanese and English.

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