Tomoya A. Mori



Today, space missions are designed by smart engineers and scientists, and carried out by super-human astronauts.
But with the rise of private companies, space is slowly opening up for ordinary people like myself (or not).

Humans are smart and stupid at the same time.
Once we are up there, you know we'll be doing stupid sh*t in zero-gravity.

So, rather than designing for simulated behaviors of astronauts, we need to start designing for irregular behaviors of ordinary people. Zero-G is our ultimate playground to rethink the mundane.

How might we design a space travel experience that accommodates people's irregular behaviors, while helping them to nurture their own lifestyles in zero-G?

As a first step, I'm making a series of photo collages exploring life in outer space.


Some photos/GIFs are from space agencies, some are from movies.
Some are just my doodles. Some are real, some aren't.



How might we take advantage of zero-G environment to navigate ourselves freely?

Eating and Drinking

How might we design a unique culinary experience in zero-g while making sure we can actually eat and drink?


How might we help people discover and enjoy new sensations through unique leisure activities in zero-g?

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